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  • 90000542 Airflow Boost Switch

    Airflow Boost Switch

    The Airflow Boost Switch is a manual, 1 way boost switch. It is suitable for use with DV50/72/80/180/190/250/300/
    370/390/400/510/520 and BV400.

    SKU: 90000542
    £14.68 inc VAT
  • Airflow Entro Adjustable Speed Controller

    Airflow Entro Adjustable Speed Controller

    Variable speed controller
    Automatic boost function
    Automatic frost protection
    Automatic summer bypass
    Heater control

    SKU: 90000408
    £44.54 inc VAT
  • 9041219 Airflow Adroit Speed Controller

    Airflow Adroit Speed Controller

    The Airflow Adroit Speed Controller is a manual control switch with 4 speed settings. Speed settings are 100% adjustable. Suitable for use with Airflow DV50 and DV80.
    SKU: 9041219
    £72.88 inc VAT
  • Variable speed controller 90000514

    Variable speed controller

    variable speed controller for QT150VS
    SKU: 90000514
    £81.65 inc VAT
  • Airflow Adroit Relative Humidity Controller

    Airflow Adroit Relative Humidity Controller

    This wall mounted sensor can be installed in wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens where relative humidity varies according to usage.  Automatically activates boost speed when required.

    SKU: 90000612
    £166.31 inc VAT
  • Airflow

    Airflow Room Humidity Sensor

    The Airflow Room Humidity Sensor can provide demand ventilation when the room's relative humidty increases via a 0-10V output.

    SKU: 90000320
    £203.45 inc VAT
  • Airflow

    Airflow Ducted Humidity Sensor

    The Airflow Ducted Humidity Sensor monitors the humidity levels within the ventillation system's ductwork, operating the unit as required to maintain a healthy environment.

    SKU: 90000659
    £223.96 inc VAT
  • 90000610 Airflow Adroit Digital Controller

    Airflow Adroit Digital Controller

    The Airflow Adroit Digital Controller is a wall mounted controller with LCD display.  It has four user profiles which are 100% adjustable (Home, Away, Boost, Fireplace) and can be controlled via the Adroit 'Cloud', allowing you to control your environment at home or on the go.

    SKU: 90000610
    £227.93 inc VAT
  • Airflow

    Airflow Entro Touchscreen Controller

    Stylish touchscreen user interface
    Programmable ventillation schedules
    'Party' and 'Holiday' mode
    Filter maintenance reminder
    Indoor temperature control based on both extract and supply air temperature

    SKU: 90000409
    £337.73 inc VAT
  • Airflow Adroit CO2 Transmitter

    Airflow Adroit CO2 Transmitter

    The Airflow Adroit CO2 Transmitter actively monitors the CO2 levels of rooms where occupancy levels typically vary, such as living rooms and bedrooms.  The sensor enables the level of ventilation to be adjusted based on the CO2 levels relative to occupancy so that it remains within healthy levels.

    SKU: 90000613
    £354.26 inc VAT

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10 Item(s)