Reduce the impact of overheating


You want your home to be as energy-efficient as possible. Part of this drive to improve the energy efficiency of homes has resulted in them being almost air tight, which improves the overall insulation of the home. Whilst fantastic during the winter, as you’re able to keep more of the heat in, it may prove more problematic during the summer.

This air tightness makes it more difficult for heat to escape from your home, and when combined with large areas of glass panelling with no shading, shutters or overhanging eaves to protect from direct sunlight, the net result can be a large amount of solar gain which will contribute to your home overheating. Closer attention to the building’s design and the orientation of large windows can reduce or prevent over heating through solar gain.

However, you can reduce the effect of overheating within your home during the hot summer months thanks to Adroit’s automatic, 100% summer by-pass. Adroit uses a sensor to continuously monitor the temperature of the incoming supply air. When the supply air temperature is detected above the maximum temperature threshold set, the by-pass activates and prevents the supply air entering the heat exchanger. By automatically bypassing the heat exchanger, Adroit prevents unnecessary heat recovery from taking place and circulates incoming air at the ambient outdoor temperature around your home. It is not a cooling system but it helps you maintain a more comfortable living environment during the summer. During the evening it can contribute to having some effect on cooling as normally the evenings are cooler during the warmer months of the year.

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Further reductions of the incoming air temperature can be achieved during the summer months with the addition of an optional ground source temperature collector. Typically the temperature approximately 1.2m below the surface of the earth remains at a constant 8°C to 12°C year round. A Brine to Air energy collector working in conjunction with a heat exchanger can transfer this temperate effect to the incoming air of the Adroit unit, having a beneficial cooling effect on the air supplied to the dwelling.

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