Don’t suffer with polluted air entering your home. Thanks to Adroit’s standard triple filter design, you can guarantee that your indoor air quality remains at the highest levels, at all times. All Adroit units contain two G4 filters and an F7 filter. The G4 filter also acts as a pre-filter to the fine grade F7 filter, extending filter life.

G4 coarse filters protect the unit’s heat exchanger from insects, leaves and other larger particles entering and damaging the unit. G3 filters are typically used within the majority of MVHR units in the UK, Adroit uses the superior G4. However, they alone don’t protect you from pollen, dust and other airborne pollutants and irritants that can be commonplace.

Adroit puts your health at the forefront by incorporating an F7 fine filter to be used behind the G4 filter. This filter prevents even small pollutants from entering your home, leaving you with a fresh and clean atmosphere. F7 filters are highly effective in filtering out small particles, such as dust and pollen, from the incoming air stream and improving the quality of air entering your home.

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This superior triple filter system protects your Adroit unit and helps to prolong the life of your system, ensuring you receive some of the freshest and healthiest air possible.

Adroit’s triple filter system is ideal for those with allergies and respiratory problems. When combined with Airflow’s award winning Airflex Pro ‘zero leakage’, semi rigid ducting system, with its anti-static and anti-bacterial lining, it will help reduce the airborne pollutants which cause the unwanted symptoms. 

As with any mechanical filtration device, to maintain optimum performance filters should be inspected and checked regularly. Routine maintenance should be scheduled to clean the filters (vacuuming) or replace as and when required.

Adroit is also perfect for those that just want the freshest air circulating around their home.

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