Pre-warm the incoming supply air and reduce energy and heating bills in the winter


Like lots of other MVHR units, Adroit stops the incoming air and uses the warm extracted air to defrost the heat recovery energy cell as and when needed for a matter of minutes. Alternatively, Adroit’s automatic smart frost protection feature protects both you and Adroit during the cold winter months and maintains the incoming air should the heat recovery energy cell become frozen (optional electric post-heater required). 

Traditional electric frost protection devices use an electric heater to warm the cold incoming air as soon as the outdoor air temperature drops below zero. This can result in the heater operating for long periods of time, ramping up an expensive electricity bill. 

Preventing the exchanger from freezing is an important consideration during the winter months but does not need to be a costly exercise. Through continuously monitoring the temperature of the supply air, your Adroit unit is able to automatically protect the heat exchanger by bypassing the exchanger when the temperature gets too low.

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The smart frost protection system then heats the air and helps you maintain a healthy and warm indoor air environment during the cold winter months, whilst the extracted air then defrosts the heat recovery energy cell. By only activating when needed, Adroit’s smart frost protection significantly reduces energy consumption in comparison to other defrosting systems.

The smart frost protection system found within Adroit systems means the unit can be used to assist in achieving Passive House approval.

You could also, in addition or instead of the smart frost protection system, during the winter take advantage of the earth’s constant under soil temperature with the addition of an optional ground source temperature collector. Typically the temperature approximately 1.2m below the surface of the earth remains at a constant 8°C to 12°C year round, even in cold European winters. A Brine to Air energy collector working in conjunction with a heat exchanger can transfer this free warming effect into the incoming air to the Adroit unit therefore having a beneficial heating effect on the air supplied to the dwelling.

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