Be empowered to customise your ventilation around your everyday life.


Adroit can meet the demands of even the most rigorous ventilation installation requirements with ease, even those with longer ducting systems. This quiet power guarantees that there will be a constant stream of fresh air circulating around your home. When combined with the award-winning Airflex Pro semi-rigid ducting, Adroit provides your home with a zero-leakage, quiet ventilation system with outstanding performance

Utilising a plastic cross-counter-flow heat exchanger the Adroit range (excluding DV245 and DV90) ensures that you recover exceptional levels of energy as part of the heat recovery process. Adroit’s plastic cross-counter-flow heat exchangers can recover up to an incredible 93% of the thermal energy that would have been lost as part of the extraction process and recirculates it around your home.

Adroit is designed to fit around your home. No longer do you need to change the layout of your home to ensure you accommodate the system you deserve. With a variety of different installation options and a number of different sized units, Adroit is the perfect whole house solution no matter the dwelling size. Left hand, right hand, top entry and side entry models are available, ensuring Adroit provides a versatile and dynamic ventilation system for your home.

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Automate your home’s ventilation with the four user operating profiles:

Each user operating profile can be easily adjusted via your optional digital controller or manual switch controller or via the Adroit Cloud using a tablet, smartphone or computer. 

Home - ideal for when the family are home from school and work and background ventilation is required

Away - perfect when everyone is out of the house or on vacation to avoid unnecessary energy use

Boost - cooking, bathing, hosting a party or having friends round? More ventilation, ‘On-Demand‘ when you need it most

Fireplace - if you have an open flue, solid fuel burner or stove, fireplace mode assists with lighting and ensures that the smoke and harmful fumes go up the chimney and not into the room. Alternatively, this profile can also be used as an additional ventilation setting

Note: For convenience of operation all Adroit units are supplied with an integral, adjustable humidity sensor. Optional remote mounting Humidity and Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) sensors are also available for further control versatility. Your Adroit can also control your Brine to Air energy collector, should you choose this accessory.

To see the full range of Airflow Heat Recovery Ventilation Units Click Here