Monitor and control your ventilation on the go, wherever you may be, with your smartphone, tablet or computer with ease and simplicity.


Airflow understands that everyday life is unpredictable, so Adroit is fitted with the latest in smart technology enabling you to monitor and even control your home ventilation with your smartphone, tablet or computer, wherever you may be. Connect to the Adroit Cloud to remotely control your ventilation through your internet connection. Accessible on any smart device, the convenient Adroit Cloud system assists you in providing the very best air quality to your family.

Plan ahead or change in an instant. With four user defined profiles, you can easily adjust your ventilation to match your spontaneity and maintain a healthy indoor air environment. By registering your unit with Adroit Cloud it is quicker and easier than ever to select the appropriate ventilation level on-the-go, allowing you to carry on with your day.

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Going out to dinner? Quickly log-in and easily switch Adroit to “Away” to guarantee you aren’t needlessly over-ventilating your home when nobody is at home.

Don’t want your children upsetting the air flow balance? You are able to minimize their access through password protection.

Support is never far away, as your dedicated Adroit support team can remotely monitor your unit, with your permission, to ensure that your Adroit is performing at its best and to provide assistance with any adjustments or operational changes that you may want to make.

To see the full range of Airflow Heat Recovery Ventilation Units Click Here